Wednesday, July 26, 2017

1/72 Anonymous paper model Soviet T-12 Medium tank (by Emrah Çoskun)

Hello dear friends,

I wondered for a long time. Paper models? Is that a good alternative? Finally a modeler tried it. His name is Emrah Çoskun..

Emrah has downloaded from a site and printed out from the printer. Adhesive-scissors ... used some wire.
I think it's a great result .. congratulations ...

Continue please and welcome to "miniafv"

completed model..

Saturday, July 22, 2017

1/72 Italeri Imperial Guard Artillery Vignette "Kutukutupense" by Emre Erkaplan

Hello everyone,
Emre is a figure modeler of our team. There is an interesting work today .. Name is "Kutukutupense"
Sorry I can't translate into English. Briefly called inboxvignette ... :)

Very good result my friend, continue please..

Which figures are in vinyette ? 
Most of Italeri Imperial Guard artillery figures, one of the Airfix Golden Hind sailboat figures..



completed model.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Academy 1/72 Stryker M1126 (construction stage) by Hakan Karlı

Hello dear friends,

Hakan was silent for a long time.  However he continued to produce, Just never finished the model .. like me :) And finished a model.. We are happy...

There are construction stages today. Greetings from Iraq..

Kits and materials used in dioramas :
Academy M1126 Stryker
D-Toys M1126 Stryker Wheel Set
Legend Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Stowage and Accessories 
Blackdog Middle East highway (150*90)
Preiser Modern US Soldiers 

A reference photo..

with Legend parts..

After primer...

with figures..

painting timeç.


wash, drybrush and other weathering methods..

Blackdog base..

Road signs .. (handmade)

a nice detail..

Preiser's figures..

to be continued with a nice diorama..
Hakan & Erhan

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